Thursday, December 8, 2011

Snow Day Shuffle

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Hey friends! Have you had a Snow Day yet?

The weatherman keeps hinting about our first big snow, but (thankfully) it hasn't come yet. Just in case...I've been preparing our favorite Snow Day activity. In case you missed my "Snow Day Shuffle" last year, here's a repeat. Enjoy! We love it!

It's a Snow Day today!! The kids have been hoping for a day off of school all week...and today their wish came true!!

Rather than dealing with bored, fighting kids that whine about wanting to watch TV all day ~ I tried to be a bit more proactive.

The result...Snow Day Shuffle!!

And we are having a BLAST!!

First, I created a Snow Day Shuffle Board on the computer (while they were outside building a snow fort).

The board looks similar to a BINGO board. I filled the squares with fun things to do, inside and out (but not involving TV/screen stuff). Activities like....

* Color a snow day picture

* Read a book

* Make your bed

* Drink hot chocolate

* Get some indoor exercise

* Play Snow Day Bingo

* Make a Snow Day craft

* Play checkers with your brother/sister

I pulled out a Snowman rubber stamp, and printed off a Snow Day Shuffle Board for each kid.

When the kids came inside, I told them all about the Snow Day Shuffle idea. And, of course, the best part (to them!) ~ if they fill their board, they win a prize!!

Then I went to town printing off downloadables off of the computer.

I made a Snow Day Bingo (click

Snow Day color sheets (click

Snow Day Crossword puzzles (click
here) and more!

The kids are busy coloring igloos and penguins right now. Our Snow Day Shuffle is working!! Yippee!

What about for you have any tips for Snow Day success?? Share your tips with me please!!!

Gotta's almost time for our Snow Day BINGO to start!! I better get out the red and green M & M's (our markers for the BINGO board).

Have an AMAZING week filled with many fun, family moments!!

P.S. If you would like me to send you a Snow Day Shuffle board, just send me an e-mail at I'd be happy to send you a Snow Day Shuffle Board as a Word document. :)

P.S.S. My two little girls just headed upstairs to help each other make their beds. I'm not making this up!! Woo Hoo!! Can every day be a Snow Day?? :)

For more Things I Love Thursday ideas, hop on over and visit my real-life neighbor, the brilliant and hilarious Jill at the Diaper Diaries. :)


Denise said...


Shannon Lawrence said...

We have not had a snow day here yet, but what a fantastic idea! We have to have one eventually (this IS Colorado!!). We've only had one delayed start. I hope you don't mind if I steal your idea for my littles!

Shannon at The Warrior Muse gearing up for the upcoming 2012 A to Z Challenge!

Anonymous said...

My son always looked forward to snow days, when he was in school. Now that he's an adult, I don't think there will be too many of those.

You have some wonderful ideas for snow day activities.

Linda said...

You brought back memories for me with this post. My three girls and I loved snow days when they were little.

We would drink hot chocolate with marshmallows. We would go out to make snow men...and watch our doggy running and jumping in the snow! We would get our saucers out and slide down the hill.

Inside we would make forts and climb inside the forts and tell stories. We would build a fire in the fireplace, and sit by it to warm up, and read books together.

We would make cookies and eat them with a glass of milk and a grilled cheese sandwich, and a warm bowl of soup at lunch time.

We would color, and play with play dough...and play board games.

And before daddy would get home we would all go out and scoop the driveway and sidewalk. Then they would come in and take warm baths, put their PJ's on and get ready for dinner and a movie together before going off to bed!

Yup...Happy Memories for me!
Thanks Cindy! Glad you guys enjoy those snow days too!

My girls are all grown with kids of their own, and now on snow days I stay inside and read books, and drink hot tea. I look out the windows and remember days gone by!

Love, Linda

Lisa said...

What a great idea! We live in Buffalo and haven't had many "snow" days this year...go figure!

This reminds me though...of the year and a half that I taught high-school English before my oldest was born...I was PRAYING for snow days as much as any of my students. I think we ended up with one for the entire year...oh well!

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