Wednesday, September 22, 2010

What's Weighing You Down??

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Hello Friends!

What an awesome time I had with the MOPS moms from Vermontville, Michigan yesterday! (Thank you for your prayer support!)

I just love sharing with moms of Preschoolers, especially since it was not so long ago that I was a MOPS mom. The year I was in MOPS, my little gang was ages 1, 2, 3, and 10. Whew! I'm exhausted all over again thinking about those days!!

For yesterday's MOPS gathering, I brought along a backpack, and shared 7 different things that I believe we need to pack for our journey (in this case, our Adventure in Mothering), if we are going to be the Moms that God intends for us to be.

Not items like Kleenexes and cough drops, but things like a Truth Nametag to remind us who we are in Christ, an IV for daily infusions of His power and His strength (don't we all need those??! - I know I sure do!), JOY to remind us to "parent within our personality", a Caribiner to keep us linked to other sisters in Christ, and more!

However, before we start filling our backpack, we need to empty it first.

In my backpack yesterday, I carried two, huge heavy bricks. One brick I labeled WORRY, and one brick was labeled FEAR. Two big weights that, thankfully, we DO NOT have to bring with us on our journey!!

My bricks were real life examples for me. Fear can be huge in my life. I fear not being good enough, I fear rejection, I fear being fat
, I fear losing my friends, I fear missing out on the full life that God has for me. (Sorry, I'm just being honest....)

Most recently, I fear a fire is going to wake us in the night.

If I'm not careful, FEAR can take away my joy, take hold of my mind, and keep me from experiencing God's goodness and grace in my life.

I am thankful for God's Word ~ and His many, many reminders to "Fear Not!". I am grateful that God gently leads us through our fears, speaks Truth into the lies, brings others to be voices of Truth and remind us to keep going (and always at just the right time), and that He never, ever gives up on us. Ever! What an awesome God we serve!

What about for you? Are you feeling burdened, exhausted, "heavier" than you need to?

Are there any "bricks" weighing you down on your journey?

May today be the day that you empty out "your backpack" of anything that is not from Him ~

unrealistic expectations... that you can enjoy the full, free adventure of life in Christ!!

May I pray for us??

Dear God, Thank YOU that in Christ we can live FREE, FULL LIVES! Please reveal to us if there is anything that is weighing us down or getting in the way of experiencing all that You have for us. May today be the day we gently place our "bricks" at the cross (and leave them there!). Please use us to make a difference for Your Kingdom! In the Strong Name of Jesus we pray ~ Amen!

Thanks for stopping by *She Sparkles*! Have an amazing, liberating, joy-filled day!!


Anonymous said...

Thanks Cindy - loved it and needed to hear this message today. I'm praying the Lord will reveal exactly what my "bricks" are - I'm not sure myself, but I know they're there. Thanks for a great, meaningful blog as usual. Love, Jenny C.

Holly said...


Love your "honest heart"....Don't ever be sorry!

That is what touches others! :)



Michelle said...

Again a great message. I don't always realize that the things that I'm burden with actually are a result of fears that I carry from my past. Thank you for continuing to encourage others with grace.

LisaShaw said...

Well dear friend,

I've not been a MOPS Mom in YEARS. I have a 24 and almost 18 yr old BUT I remember those precious days/times.

I can certainly relate to what you shared. I'll just pick up three of those bricks that I can identify with and throw them into the pit!

Thank you for the encouragement! You're precious! Praying for you. Thank you for praying for me.

Amanda said...

I LOVED hearing your backpack talk at Sister Time last year...still sticks with me. Would love to hear it again. :)

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