Thursday, February 2, 2012

Thankful Thursday (& Ann Voskamp Journal Giveaway!)

Hey Friends!

I'll be honest ~ I am intentionally choosing "gratitude" today. Again.

It's been another long week filled with sickness, car breakdowns/repairs (this time my son Jake's truck. Ugh.), deadlines, cancelled appointments (due to sick Benj), and more!

But today, I will choose gratitude. I will choose joy. I will thank God Benj has an ear infection and not lice.
I will thank God for our warm home and free antiobiotics and a lap top while I watch ESPN Sports Center with Benj....again.

We have a choice, friends....let's choose to thank Him! :)

Here is my Top 5 Thankful Thursday list for today....

1. Red Hot Retreat

Saturday I spent the day sharing my journey and some Red Hot fun with the amazing women of Cross Pointe Community Church. What a blessing!!!

Pic above: I must have been concentrating as Michele was reading Scripture during our worship time. I just wanted to show you sometimes I really do close my mouth - I know you're used to seeing me more like...

The ladies from Cross Pointe were so warm and genuine, and I am thankful for my time spent sharing with them!

2. I finished my 8 Bible teachings/scripts!

Do you remember a few weeks ago I shared I had a January 31 deadline? Well, praise the Lord, I was able to get all of my writing finished. YAY!!

The production assistant called me Monday night in tears saying she loved the material so much. THANK YOU GOD! And thank you, dear bloggy friends, for your prayer support! Woo Hoo!

3. I'm going on a little trip... ~

I'm sorry I haven't shared the whole story yet of what God is up to...there's just so many details in how God has opened this exciting door. I promise to fill you in soon - in the mean time - here's part of the fun.

In 42 days I'm going with RBC's of Discovery crew to.....

Turkey! We'll be filming my new video driven Bible study on site in Ancient Laodicea, as well as footage in Istanbul. Crazy, huh? I know.


4. The *She Sparkles* A to Z Memory Verse Challenge ~

Y'all bless me with you commitment to this challenge! If you have a minute, check out some of the amazing blogs linking up with us here, like....

* Lacey's 2 year old sharing the verse

* Danielle's colorful illustration

* Gigi's memorizing tip

I am so thankful for the A to Z challenge, Verseability (my amazing sponsor!) and the opportunity to journey others! It's not too late to join us - we're only on "C"! More details here!

5. My son Jake

We had to order his graduation announcements, cap & gown, etc.. this week. Oh my! How do you make it through your first born graduating? I'll take all the tips I can the mean time I am thankful for Jake and the nice young man that he is!

Whew!! So there's my Thankful Thursday Top 5 list!

What about for you?? On this Thankful Thursday, what are you thankful for today?? I'd love to hear from you!!

And to one blessed reader, I'd love to share Ann Voskamp's One Thousand Gifts Gratitude Journal ($24 value)

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What are you thankful for today?

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Can't wait to hear what YOU are thankful for, my friend! I thank God for YOU!!!

Sweet blessings to you!

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Denise said...

Such sweet blessings you listed my friend. I am thankful today for my life. I had a stroke on labor day, my brain started swelling, and they thought they were going to have to take off half of my skull. But, my God said no. Right now, I have a 100% blocked artery in my brain, right by where I had my stroke, and my brain continues to swell. But, praise God, I am alive.

Erica said...

It is so nice to have a blogger continue to point her readers to be better people! Today I am SO thankful for a sweet support system who constantly lift me up in prayer! I am also grateful for the book "One Thousand Gifts", it truly has changed my heart! I didn't know there was a family journal to go along with it.

I am a follower and tweeted about this giveaway here:!/EmbracingErica/status/165144489252487168

Renee said...

Your smile is infectious! So glad I stopped in to be cheered by your post. Blessings!

Melissa, Multi-Tasking Mama said...

How do you make it through your oldest graduating? Tissues, lots and lots of tissues and waterproof mascara. So excited for your video study, Cindy! God is doing amazing things through you!

Kim said...

Thankful to feel I am able to make it through another day. Have been struggling with depression.

Amelia said...

I love your thankful list! And for the phone call with you this morning!

Angie said...

Today I'm thankful for my job!! I LOVE that I can be silly and dance and joke around with Middle Schoolers...I know it sounds crazy, but I feel really blessed (most days) to be their teacher:)

Dawn said...

I'm thankful for my family, in spite or all the trauma and drama! I am also thankful for the lovely gift I received from you today - I don't drink coffee, but am excited to have some other goodie at Starbucks!

I don't twitter or tweet, but I would love to have that book!

MyJourneyBack said...

Hi Cindy. You came by my blog and said I won. Yea me. Here's my email.
Thanks and Blessings to you.

Angel @ Finding The Inspiring said...

I am thankful for my wonderful husband and for a chance to win your lovely giveaway!

BTW, would love for you to join my blog hop sharing inspiration in the blogosphere!

Peace Love Kindergarten said...

I am thankful for my precious husband who truly is the most wonderful blessing God has ever given me! I love how he loves our two boys and has shaped them into becoming fine young men! I am also thankful for finding your blog and your scripture challenge! I am loving it!!!!

Peace Love Kindergarten said...

I subscribe to your sweet blog! And I love it!

Peace Love Kindergarten said...

I have blogged about your blog!

Mary Sue said...

I am thankful for my adult teacher children and how very much they love their students and take their love for them to God in daily prayer.

Lynden Blossom said...

I am Thankful to have a received an eMail yesterday from My Son, a Marine Capt. (USNA '05) deployed to Afghanistan - I've not heard from him since Christmas week... He's Busy, but OK. SO good to hear from him!

Have a great time in Turkey - was there many years ago!

I have been subscribed to your Blog and eMail, will put your button on my blog right now -and will Tweet it, if I can figure it new to Tweeting this week... ;-}

Lynden (Natasha and Angies's aunt in CA)

Hamlet the Hypocrite said...

Thankfulness is a gift of encouragement to others!

I'm thankful for waking up this morning.

I'm thankful for having a God of second chances...and sometimes third...

I'm thankful for our small group who had a sweet time last night.

I'm thankful that God is a God of miracles because I wouldn't be here without that.

Thank you for your blog, Cindy.

Matt and Kelly Hirdes said...

Right now I am extremely thankful for the years I was blessed with my Dad. He passed away in April and yesterday was his birthday, but there are so many joyful memories we have of him and the life he lived.

I subscribe to and follow your blog.

IandSsmom said...

I'm thankful my children and I are healthy. I'm thankful I was cancelled from work on the 31st (it is our hardest night of the month the last day!!). And I'm thankful I'm getting the opportunity to to apply for a new job. (I'll be really thankful if I get it LOL)!! And most of all I'm grateful God is there to hear my prayers!
Shannon Johnson
GFC Shannon Johnson

Lacey said...

There are SO many things to be thankful for! After two full weeks of stomach flu in our house, I'm thankful that it's over! :-) I'm also thankful for an opportunity I had to share Christ with a friend from high school.

Gwen said...

I am thankful for YOU..and the fun A to Z challenge! It has encouraged me to talk about God's word with my daughters!

Gwen said...

I follow she sparkles:)

Gwen said...

I subscribe to she sparkles!

Gwen said...

Just added the "she sparkles" button to my blog...

Debbie said...

What a joy to read your thankful list! And going to Turkey; how very exciting. I hope I will get to see the video Bible series once it is produced. I love the location ones rich in history.

I participate in Ann's Multitudes on Mondays where I count my every day blessings. It has greatly changed my perspective.

Blessings and love,

Jen @ BigBinder said...

You are going to TURKEY!! That is so awesome, I'm thrilled for you!!

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