Friday, February 10, 2012

Random Updates & Valentine's Day Favorites

All of the Starbucks e-cards have been sent. If you are one of the 20 winnners, please check your spam mail. I noticed there a couple still unopened. Happy Starbucking!

Hey Friends :)

Happy Weekend to you! I hope you've had a great week! I spent most of the week tending to my sick little guy Benj.

In case you're wondering, "Wasn't he sick last week?" Yes.

And two weeks ago? Yes.

Benj has missed 14 days of schools this year. Ugh. He had strep, an ear infection, and now has pneumonia-like symptoms. Will you please keep him in your prayers?

Thankfully my time with Benj has helped restore my weary soul.

Nothing like snuggling and reading Truth while he watches ESPN Sports Center...again. Maybe I needed an excuse to stay in my jammies for 3 days? God knows what He's doing ~ even in the midst of our

Also, please know I'm grateful for your kind words and prayers while I was in my "funk". Thankfully I feel like "I'm back". Woo Hoo!

Now that I'm feeling good ~ it's time for me to get my party on! I'm glad Valentine's Day is right around the corner.

Here are some fun Valentine's Day ideas...

* A sneak peek into what our family will be doing

* Simple, festive, fun chex mix recipe from Chellie

* Super creative, inexpensive, romantic and fun Date Night Ideas

* John 3:16 Valentine coloring page

* Free printable for John 3:16 Valentine (thanks, Emily)

* Awsome enouragement:
Love Letters to the Unloved (if you have a second, please check this resource out. Job well done, Amy Sullivan and friends!)

What are you doing for Valentine's Day ? I'd love to hear from you!

Thanks for stopping by *She Sparkles*! Have a super, love-filled weeked!

P.S. Don't forget I'll have a new A to Z Memory Verse posted on Monday morning. I am SO EXCITED for another great giveaway (here's a clue). Hope you'll come back and join us!

P.P.S. The winner of the Ann Voskamp Journal
is Angie Ohlman. Thank you to all who entered!


Linda said...

I am praying again right now for Benj. I am sorry this has lingered on so long.

Jen Ferguson said...

Praying for SO MUCH HEALING for Benji and protection from future germs.

And so glad you feel "back."

Love you!

PS Your tattoo pic is GORGEOUS!

Denise said...

Praying for dear Benji.

kendal said...

so sorry your little guy has been so sick. i am praying for him right now....

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