Sunday, October 9, 2011

Kokomo, Here We Come!

Hey Friends!

I can hardly believe later today I'll be headed to Kokomo, Indiana for the
filming of my testimony. Yikes!

My week has been spent wardrobe shopping, getting my "practice make-up" for television, meeting with the video producer, and praying like a crazy woman!

Isn't it all just weird? ONLY GOD!

Here are some "pre-filming" photo highlights:

***Wardrobe Shopping

The producer wanted me to have a "midwestern" look. My mother-in-law helped me find a fun jacket, and Julie and Susie helped me find a perfect shirt, jewelry, boots, etc..

Hopefully it will all work great. (And yes, we did manage to sneak some sparkle in!) :)

***Restaurant Scene

Want to hear one fun "sneak peek" into my story?

I'll be telling some of my testimony from a restaurant, and my best friend Julie will be playing a waitress working in the background. Here we are trying on our new "waitressing uniforms". :)

***Make-Up Session

Wednesday I spent two hours in a makeup chair. The makeup stylist was amazing. I learned more about make-up in one morning than I have in my whole life (did you know they make a special HV makeup for when you are on film?). Amazing!

Almost finished. Just need my lips...

Checking out the new me! :)

And now we are off!

There's a caravan of RBC video producers, assistants, and equipment leaving at 5:00 PM today. I'm excited to see what God is up to ~ but also so nervous I can barely think straight! Ahhh!

Will you continue to "pray down the tracks" for this project?? Pretty please?! :)

I can't wait to share with you how God answers your prayers! The video producer said I can take lots of pics for my dear *She Sparkles* friends. Woo Hoo!

So please stop back later this week! And Monday I have a special friend sharing a GREAT guest post! I can't wait for you to see it!

Thanks for stopping by *She Sparkles*. I thank God for you!!

With much gratitude ~

P.S. This Casting Crowns song is exactly how I feel this week. I am absolutely humbled by His grace, redemption, and faithfulness. Thanks for allowing me to share this journey with you :)


Leah @ Point Ministries said...

Father, please bless Cindy with peace, focus, clarity, good health, rest, and the ability to have a little fun in the midst of this hard work of filming. Use her testimony to touch untold numbers of people, Lord. Bless her in innumberable ways as she walks this path. Watch over her family while she is gone and keep them safe and well. In Jesus' name. Amen.

Longmeadow Mama said...

I get chills every time I read about this incredible adventure God is taking you on. Can't wait to read more! Expect the unexpected, Ms. Cindy! He is gonna keep amazing you, I just know!
Prayers and blessings!

Vicki said...

Lord, I stand in agreement with Leah. Let Cindy be a Blessing to everyone who hears her or comes in contact with her. Amen.

Sarah Thomas said...

Your eyebrows are perfect! Just keep that gorgeous smile at full wattage. You'll be awesome!

Rosann said...

Go GIRL!! :) Praying for you. Enjoy this wonderful blessing. God will is using YOU in awesome ways to bless so many people through this experience. Have fun and yes, take lots of photos!


Shonda said...

So excited for you. Where can we view your testimony?

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