Wednesday, May 2, 2012

It's Here! And MORE exciting news!!! :)

Hey Friends!

You'll never guess what I received today??  Are you ready???

The finished Day of Discovery DVD of my personal known as "He Loves Me - A Woman's Journey to Peace featuring Cindy Bultema". 

Can I get a Woo Hoo?!

Only God.

In case you've missed the promo, here is a brief clip...

I'm heading over to RBC in the afternoon to pick up a box of DVD's. I would love, love, love to share one with YOU! In fact, let's get this party started with 10 DVD's to share! :)

To Win my "He Loves Me" DVD Giveaway:

Head on over to my NEW WEBSITE - and enter to win!!

Woo Hoo!!!

See you at the new site....

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