Thursday, January 13, 2011

Man's Rejection, God's Redemption

Carol Kent taping ~ Day 2
(Left to right: Jan, Carol's sister Bonnie, Erica, Carol's sister Jennie, me, Suzanne)

Hey Friends :)

What a week! After spending two days at Carol Kent's DVD taping, I'm hitting my Books and spending the day working on
my Red Hot retreat material. Woo Hoo! :)

But, can I be honest?? Preparing for this retreat brings up every lie, insecurity, and fear in me!

"What if my teaching doesn't make sense?" "What if everyone else doesn't think the insights are as amazing as I think they are?" "What if I don't get everything finished in time." "What if they don't like me?"


For today, rather than going down those "unhealthy trails" of negative thinking and lies, I'm looking UP and filling my mind with TRUTH!

I'm celebrating the huge victory I've experienced through Christ in my life ~ and reflecting on how God has taken "man's rejection" from the past and brought much health and healing to me!

My "old fears" DO NOT have to impact my "new days", do they??

And we are NOT unaware of the enemy schemes and his tactics.

Here's the "wound" I've been reflecting on...and my journey from rejection to redemption....

When I was a little girl I always DREAMED of being a cheerleader.

While other little girls were playing princess or drinking tea at their tea parties – I was at home practicing my cheers or working on my jumps! When I was cheering, I felt fully alive!

I can still remember my first set of pom poms. I dressed my dolls in cheerleading outfits. I hung cheerleading posters on my wall, went to cheerleading camp in the summer. There was nothing like cheerleading to me!

I wish I could tell you I was a varsity cheerleader in high school, that I went to college on a cheering scholarship, and still get phone calls when they need a cheerleader fill-in. :)

Unfortunately, that’s not my story.

I did make it as a freshman football cheerleader…alternate.

I did make it as a freshman basketball cheerleader.

And when I tried out for JV cheerleading, I found there were 10 girls trying out for 10 spots.

I could already see myself in the new JV cheerleading uniform. :)

But unfortunately, after tryouts, I received a call –

I didn’t make the team.

I wasn’t good enough, to them.

I didn’t have what it would take, they said.

The coaches decided they would rather go with 9 cheerleaders that season.

On that day, I made myself a promise. Never would I cheer again. Never.

Never would I set myself up for such pain, humiliation, rejection. That part of me was done.

And unfortuately, I allowed my cheerleading experience to shape much of my identity....and went through high school and college thinking that's who I was ~ unwanted, rejected, not good enough.

It was empty and defeated living.

Thankfully, in July of 1996, at the age of 26, I met Jesus Christ...and everything changed.

Jesus says that I am Beautiful. Just the way that I am.

Jesus says that I am Chosen. Handpicked by Him. He wants me on His team. :)

Jesus says that in Him I am complete. More than enough. Dearly and lavishly loved.

And regardless of how I feel, I am choosing to take Jesus at His Word.

Isn't it fun how God brings special people into our lives to be voices of His Truth?

Last year during Bible study, my dear friends "got me good" with an amazing surprise. :)

In the middle of our study, the "ringleader" Natasha comes running into the room with a purple megaphone, while 5 friends bounce in the room carrying cards with the letters C - I - N - D -Y.

Suddenly I look around the room, and everyone in the room is holding pom poms and cheering with all their might.

For me.

They are cheering because it is my birthday and I am on their team.

Natasha shares..."There were a lot of "not enoughs" for Cindy. But the Truth is that Cindy was and is "More than ENOUGH" and God has truly used her, to share that Truth with other women. For her Birthday we just wanted to remind her of that...Happy Birthday Cindy!!!"

Only God could take a shy, insecure wanna-be cheerleader (me!) and fill her to *overflowing* with peace and joy and confidence in Him. Only God.

And only God could orchestrate an amazing birthday filled with so much joy, celebration, and healing. Only God. Isn't He good??!

Friends, I don't know what kind of wounds you've experienced, but please know God can bring hope, healing, and redemption to the deepest pain. Allow Him to clean out, comfort, bandage and heal those places of hurt.

Watch Him speak Truth over the lies that have shaped your thinking and impacted your decisions, for way too long.

We do NOT have to allow our "old fears" to impact our "new days", do we?? :)

Woo Hoo! I'm so EXCITED I think I want to cheer! Yeah, Jesus! :)

Let's pray...Thank You, God, that You do not waste our pain. Thank You for being a God of Truth and Hope and Redemption. Thank You for the beauty of sisterhood and friendship. Thank You for life in Your Name. Thank You that in Christ we are loved and forgiven and chosen. Please use us, O Lord, to remind others of the JOY that is found in life in You. For Your Glory Alone. Amen.

Thanks for stopping by *She Sparkles*. Have a joy-filled, liberating, victorious day!


Loni said...

I can so relate to the fears, lies and insecurities . . . the enemy schemes. I understand "man's rejection" over and over again . . . and in the past several years I am learning more and more of a Heavenly Father Friend who so loves ME! It's sure a learning, growing process!

Loved reading this! Thanks for your encouragements!

MOMSWEB said...

Wow. And just think, if you made cheerleader throughout your school years, you wouldn't have this awesome testimony!

It continues to amaze me how God uses my mess to bless others. ONLY God can take our imperfections and use them for a perfect testimony that brings Him glory!

Thanks for sharing!

Have a joyful day in Jesus!

LisaShaw said...

Beautiful sharing from word one to the last! You are such a gift to us from the LORD.

Cheering you on to the finish line my friend! Wish we lived closer. I'd love to visit with you.

Keep going in the LORD!!!

Praying for you!

Sharla Fritz said...

Cindy ,
Now you are a cheerleader! You are cheering women to follow Jesus, to live lives dedicated to Him!
Praise the Lord!

Lea said...

Oh, that testimony needs to be heard by so, so many women. It is awesome how the Lord is using your life in such a mighty way to reflect what he can do in our lives. Keep on keeping on! I'm sure the Lord has all kinds of wonderful opportunities ahead for you. Blessings!

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