Saturday, September 19, 2009

Red Hot!

I was walking with my spiritual mentor a few weeks ago. We were praying for our upcoming Monday night Bible study and for all of the women that would be attending.

As we were praying, something that my mentor shared really stood out to me. She prayed that all of the women (ourselves included) would be "redhot for Jesus!".

Now for me, being a woman that likes to operate in themes, I couldn't get "Redhot" out of my brain!! All night long I reflected on what it meant to be Redhot for Jesus. I went to the Word. I consulted my Commentaries. I kept praying...Oh God, wouldn't that be awesome to have a group of women fired up and passionate about living Redhot lives for Jesus!!

Soon others caught the Redhot vision! Julie, my close friend and ministry partner loved the idea! Lindsay (our Administrator Extraordinaire) encouraged us to go with it! And then Natasha "Party Queen of the Decade" Ohlman took the Redhot idea and totally brought it to life!!

You should have seen the Sunshine Room at Sunshine Church on Monday night! It was Redhot!

After Bible study ~ all of the women received Redhots to take home!

Natasha created this amazing background for our teaching area. The wreaths are filled with red peppers! Isn't that awesome?!

Here are some of the women that came to our Kickoff! We had over 60 women come our first night, and almost 20 more have recently signed up!

And here is a picture of me sharing about the pit the Lord rescued me from, and the healing and wholeness I now have in my life. Jesus alone is the difference!! I want to be Redhot for Him!

I love how God wires us all different, but with everyone using their gifts a vision can become a reality! I love that Bible study can be colorful and creative and fun! I love that Jesus can take a shy, insecure girl (me!) who made tons of poor, self-destructive choices, and fill me with a Redhot passion for Him!! I love it!!

Thank you, my dear Magnificent Monday sisters, for helping the first night of Bible study be so welcoming, safe, and fun!! I can't wait until we meet again on the 28th!!

Here's to Redhot living!


chevonee said...

This is AWESOME Cindy! Thank you so much for sharing with us...Remain blessed said...

I want to be apart of a woman's bible study, but am not familiar with any where I'm located.

Crissy said...

I am totally diggin' the RED HOT theme!!!

Chellie Schmitz said...

Love this Cindy! Thanks for posting the pics. How I'd love to be part of this study, but as you know circumstances won't allow this time. I'm with you in spirit though. I just had to tell you... cheerleader friend... do you know the 'redhot' cheer?

I'll have to demonstrate next time I see you, but here are the words, maybe you can change them to fit for Jesus...

Our team is red hot (clap clap) Our team is red hot (clap clap)

Our team is r-e-d-red-h-o-t-hot redhot!!

you alternate stomps and claps on the r-e-d...part.

have a super day!!
Chellie Schmitz

Julie@comehaveapeace said...

I want to see a "vlog" of you doing Chellie's cheer! :) Rejoicing with you over the joy for your beginning together. Praying it will be truly "red hot" and sweet, at the same time.

Cindy Bultema said...

You are all so fun! :)
Chellie, I must confess...I know this cheer! I've had it going in my head for days now (make it stop!!)! Unfortunately I taught it to my girls, and now they do it all day long too!!
Julie ~ would you compromise to have the vlog of Chellie doing the cheer?? I think she'd be FANTASTIC! :)
Blessings to you all!!

P.S. Tabitha, I sent you a personal e-mail. :)

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