Sunday, March 4, 2012

Feeling Fragile

If you are waiting to hear the rest of the story of my trip to Nashville to meet Mary Beth & Steven Curtis Chapman, I promise to continue it soon. Today my heart is heavy with the incidents of last night.

Hey Friends!

Every had one of those days where you feel extremely fragile and like you could start weeping at any moment??

Yep, that's me today. I'm a bit of a mess.

First, you should know, one of the "after effects" of David's accident
is that I get really frazzled if John or Jake are late. If my guys aren't on time and I haven't heard from them - I'm convinced it's extremely bad news.

Last weekend, Jake was over 30 minutes past curfew. It was horrible. (Here we are earlier in the night at his Varsity hockey game...)

Thankfully Jake was just running really late and his cell phone was dead and he forgot how his mom freaks out like she does when her guys aren't home.

So this weekend I was confident Jake would be on time. When John and I went to bed and Jake still wasn't home, I was pretty surprised and started to get a bit worked up.

And then the phone rang.

The very good news - Jake is totally ok.

The bad news - While Jake was driving home, he slipped on ice, and slammed into a tree. The air bags went off and Jake completely totalled his truck.

John tried to get a good picture, but it was pretty dark. Note Jake's tire which was thrown off his truck and went rolling into the street.

This mama is pretty shaken up, but I'm thanking God BIG TIME for protecting Jake. ♥

I didn't get much sleep last night as I tossed and turned thinking about what could have happened. (Not good, I know). Thankfully Jake is physically ok today ~ and I knew I had to get my head on straight.

I desperately need to be washed over by God's Word.

As I opened the Scriptures, I began to meditate on one of my favorite verses, Psalm 16:8.

Even though Jake ended up hitting a tree last night (and no longer has a car)...I will not be shaken.

Although I'm leaving for Turkey in 10 days and have knots in my stomach as I take a big leap of faith...I will not be shaken.

Regardless of my feelings, or my circumstances, my health, or my finances...I will not be shaken.

In spite of my full To-Do list, e-mails to return, phone calls to make...I will not be shaken.

The lists could go on and on, couldn't they??

But because I have set the Lord always before me, I will not be shaken. I WILL NOT!

The tests will come, the trials will come, but (with God's help), I will not be shaken!!

Want to know one of my secrets?? I always keep a bracelet on my right hand to remind me of this promise.

Usually the bigger, the chunkier the bracelet, the better. I must remind myself of God's presence and His protection and His sovereignty in the midst of my crazy days.

A chunky bracelet on my right wrist is like a string tied around my pinkie finger reminding me of God's promises, protection and care.

Now, do I always get this right? Of course not! (please do not ask me how many lattes I consumed today!) But in the midst of my mess of a day, I was suddenly filled with gratitude (for Jake's safety & protection) and peace rather than experiencing more fear and anxiety.

What about for you?? What challenges or difficult circumstances are you faced with this week? Please be encouraged! Give your circumstances and feelings to Him, sense His presence and power within you, and then stand tall on His promises and Truth!

And whatever you do, do NOT BE SHAKEN!

Thanks for stopping by *She Sparkles*! Have a peace-filled, victorious week!


Unknown said...

so so so glad to hear jake is ok!
psalm 91 was the scripture that i read over and over after our accident.
love you.
this post really blessed me too, think you would enjoy it.
<3 erica

kendal said...

oh, cindy. even when you've had a negative experience, you always bring joy and encouragement. praying for you....

Denise said...

Praising God for watching over Jake.

Melody said...

So glad Jake's okay and love the promise you shared with us. What awesome truth. Praying for continued stability for your soul as you appproach and prepare for a really big week. Praying for Jake's transportation to work out for him and all the details that go into a totaled truck. Sigh. Stability in all those details. Stability in his emotions as he processes the reality of "no set of wheels". Loving your family from afar.

Cindy said...

Hello Cindy and Erica,

I found the post above here:

Andrea said...

So glad Jake is alright. Welcome to the club of mom's who have boys that totaled trucks club. --andrea

Melissa, Multi-Tasking Mama said...

When I saw this on FB, I immediately started praying for you. The enemy is going to try to shake you with all the big things you are doing for God right now...I am so proud of you for standing strong against that. Love and hugs!

Leah Adams said...

Praise God your boy is ok! Praying for you as you go to Turkey.

Lisa said...

Oh my gosh that had to just hurt your heart. I am praying for Jake and for your mama's heart. Praying that the Lord brings complete healing of the body and mind but that He lines up a different vehicle that is as safe or safer then the last one. oh honey God is so very good.

I have to share my heart was ugly this afternoon and it was carring right into tonight. I had already pulled my bible out to find something to help me to correct myself, but I took a few minutes to read your blog, the scripture was and is perfect. I let go of the anger, anxiety, selfishness I was meant to see this right at his very moment. Oh God is so good all the time.

Jen @ BigBinder said...

Oh Cindy!! How scary; and also - what grace and protection. I'm so happy Jake is OK and thankful that you framed it like this to share with us. Love the idea of the bracelet :)

Anonymous said...

So glad your son is ok. It is great that you are trying to put your fears at bay. You are an inspiaration.

Courtney said...

Praise the Lord that Jake is okay. Not only is that scary for any mom, double for you. I am so glad that he is okay and I so appreciate the words " I will not be shaken" with the Lord. I face this in my marriage and so many I am sure feel the same way. In our society when times are tough the first thing couples think of is divorce. I am a " I will not be shaken" gal who knows through anything God will be there. Thank you for your blog and again I am thrilled Jake is okay.

Gwen said...

Cindy-Thanks for being such an example of trusting even in trials. I have young girls still, and can't imagine when they will start driving....God will be maturing me between now and then:)I know I'm late in seeing this post, but still wanted to share a song that was in my head as I read. That is one of my secrets on 'those days' keep praising! Hope this video comes through-it's Never Be Shaken by Jared Anderson

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