Wednesday, August 18, 2010

WFMW: Fat Talk Free ~ Part 2

Hi Friends :)

Can you handle one more post on living "Fat Talk Free

As you know, for the past few days I've shared my very real struggle with body image stuff. It's something I don't talk about very often (too hurtful) ~ but now that I've "opened this can of worms", I feel like just getting in all out there. Please bear with me :)

Last week, I revisited Reflections Body Image Program, and the amazing work they are doing creating Fat Talk Free programs around the world.

I committed to living "Fat Talk Free", and hope that you will too. (If you've not watched the 3 minute Fat Talk Free video, please check it out here

Perhaps you're thinking....oh that sounds nice, Cindy ~ but in practical terms ~ what does it mean for my life today???

Here's what I'm suggesting by committing to live Fat Talk Free ~

* Compliment your friends, co-workers and family members on qualities they possess that are not based on physical attributes.

I made up my own game I call "I Spy FRUIT". When I am with my friends, family members, even at the grocery store ~ I try to find and affirm the fruit of the spirit I see demonstrated in the people I am with... For example~

"I noticed you were so PATIENT with your son this morning...."

"Wow, Manda, that was a very KIND thing to do..."

"Thanks for coming over today. Your JOY is contagious"....

I'll be honest, I have to be intentional in doing this...I so easily want to say, "wow, you're so tan, etc.." ~ but Lord willing, I will grow in this area!!

* Model “fat talk free” behaviors for everyone in your life. Be conscious of your actions, comments and behaviors.

A friend of mine (size 2) often comments about her "muffin top" and/or how fat she is. Really??

I know she doesn't mean to, but I often leave our conversations feeling horrible about myself. If she has a muffin top, I must have 6. If she thinks she is fat, what must she think about me??

I worry my words and actions could do the same to others around me, especially my two daughters. Yikes.

Let's be conscious of how our words about ourselves can impact those around us.

* Never reinforce someone’s weight loss by saying, “You look great, have you lost weight?”

I have many real stories on this one.

For example, in 2004, I had baby # 4. (I also had a baby in 2001 and 2003). Here is a picture of our young family that year ~ (yes, we had our hands full, literally! Their ages are 6 months, 1, 2, and 10)

Soon after this picture, I decided it was time to lose the baby weight. I went to Weight Watchers and took losing weight very seriously (it became like a full time job).

I lost 25 pounds.

Right after losing the weight, I ran into a neighbor. She said, "Wow, Cindy. You look great. You've lost a TON of weight!!"

Really?? A ton?? Are you saying I weighed a TON before??

Thankfully we've moved to a new neighborhood, because I've since put the 25 pounds back on. Does that mean I am back to weighing a TON?? If I see her at Target or something, what will she say? What will she think??

I cannot allow these thoughts to take up space and play in my head any more!

Can anyone relate??

As we live Fat Talk Free, let's...

* Appreciate all that our body does for us. Take extra special care of it!

There is an awesome declaration that you can read and sign here as a reminder to...

􀃋 Accept your body in its natural shape and size.

􀃋 Celebrate all that your body can do for you each day.

􀃋 Treat your body with respect, giving it enough rest, fueling it with a variety of foods, exercising it moderately, and listening to what it needs....and more!

And lastly, as we live "Fat Talk Free", let's commit to speaking TRUTHFULLY and KINDLY to ourselves!
I think we could all learn a lesson from this little girl....

The official "Fat Talk Free" week isn't until the fall of this year, but I'm declaring my life to be Fat Talk Free and commit to living that way, Lord willing, from this day forward!!
Anyone with me??

THANK YOU so much for stopping by *She Sparkles*!! May your day be filled with much Truth, kindness, joy, and FREEDOM!!

Blessings to you~

P.S. For more Works for Me Wednesday tips, head on over to visit Kristen at We are that Family. You'll be so glad you did!


LisaShaw said...

Hi friend,

I've seen that video not long ago and it just made me smile. What confidence. I only pray she stays humble with it as she matures. She has a great "I can do" mindset and I love her heart of appreciation for everyone and everything.

I have been SO encouraged by your sharing in your last few messages of dealing with this very sensitive and necessary subject. Your transparency and care in handling it is breath taking. I would recommend you speak/write on it until the LORD says stop because as I fight my own battle in this area and listen to and pray for MANY women who are literally hating on themselves; and most are Christians, it suggests to us that we need to get some balance in how we view ourselves. The best balance is to view ourselves through God's eyes.

I could go on but my note to you is long enough :)

Just know how special you are to me. Thanks for keeping it real!

Love ya!

LisaShaw said...

I'm not sure what happened but my message received an error. Too long to re-write but wanted to encourage you that you are such a blessing.

Keep sharing on this as long as God leads you. So many of us (Christian women) and other ladies beat up and even talk down to ourselves about our weight.

Seeing ourselves through God's eyes is so vital in this.

Love you and your transparent heart!

Rosario said...

I had issues with my weight. Always wanted to be thinner and fit nice jeans and look great in pictures. But when I see people who are much bigger than I am and they are just happy and not complains. I feel guilty of thinking bad about myself. Yes there are health issues to think about when you are overweight. But you should not put anyone done because of how they look. Media is our biggest enemy. They make us think that thin is being popular. I am happy how I look now. Thanks for sharing your testimony.

Beth in NC said...

Wow, your timing of this post is so Holy Spirit inspired.

Lisa Shaw sent me over.

Thanks for sharing this.


Christina Ketchum said...

I love this! I just posted it to Twitter and Facebook!

Love ya girlfriend!!!!

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