Monday, June 7, 2010

Marriage Mondays: Mini-Moons

Hi Friends!! Welcome to Marriage Monday! My dear friend Julie from Come Have A Peace takes time each Monday to share Marriage encouragement, and I'm pleased to join in the fun today!

If you knew a couple getting married and wanted to pass along a "nugget of wisdom" with them, what would you suggest??

One of the best pieces of advice John and I received was the idea of mini couple getaways, or what we refer to as "mini-moons" (get honeymoon, but just "moon" ~ smile).

Our wonderful marriage mentors suggested that John and I take time away once each season to reconnect, enjoy each other's company, have fun, and relax. We've graciously accepted the challenge! And whereas we've not been perfect at getting away once a season, John and I have been intentional about going on "mini-moons" as often as we can!

Thankfully we've been blessed to have "Grandma help" to make this possible with 4 kids (thanks Mom & Jackie!) John and I have been able to go on "mini-moons" to beautiful places in Michigan (including Traverse City, Saugatuck, Pentwater, Grand Haven, and even the Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island).

Last summer we enjoyed our "mini-moon" to Muskegon, MI and loved boating on Lake Michigan. Here's John enjoying his new boat...

Our last "mini moon" was this winter when we snuck away to the JW Marriott here in Grand Rapids. (Fabulous hotel I must say ~ although any hotel with it's own Starbucks is ok by me!)

My favorite "mini moon" was during the summer of 2006. I was experiencing some health difficulties, and felt anxious and worried about my condition. I mentioned to John how I longed to be "fortressed" in a castle to better understand God's sovereign protection and mighty care. I wanted to feel like a princess, and rest in my Strong Father's arms.

John, being the amazing man that he is, found a real castle an hour south of our home. I spent the weekend in a real castle feeling like a real princess. What a blessing!

Here are some highlights... (Can you tell I'm wearing a crown? ~ smile)

In the picture below, yes I'm wearing flip flops with my dress. You had to take off your heels at the front door as to not scratch the castle's hard wood floor.

And lastly, our beautiful castle bedroom. Our window overlooked the castle's flower garden. I was able to sit in the morning sunshine, read from the Psalms, and feel like a genuine, protected, dearly loved Princess! (Thank you, John!)

John and I have both enjoyed our Mini-moons over the past 9 1/2 years of marriage! A special thank you to our marriage mentors, Doug and Judie Childress, for giving us the challenge many years ago!

What about for you?? What's the best nuggest of marriage wisdom you've received?? I'd love to hear from you!! And for more Marriage encouragement, be sure to check out fabulous tips here.
Thanks for stopping by *She Sparkles*. Have a wonderful, joy-filled day!!
P.S. We have some really great news to share! Hopefully I'll be able to go into more detail tomorrow!!! Stay tuned.... :)


Julie@comehaveapeace said...

I was praying for you this morning ... can't wait to hear the great news. :) And I love "mini-moons." Some of the best advice was given to me by my mom ... "Julie, Jeff does not need you to be the Holy Spirit in his life." :) She has been so right, and I'm so relieved to know that the Lord is caring for and working in and guiding my husband even better than I can. What comfort.

Blessings to you and much encouragement to you and John this Marriage Monday :)
~ Julie

Amy said...

That is a wonderful idea! My husband and I need to start doing that!

Andrea said...

Thank you for your prayers and support.

Homemaker Honey said...

Hey, Grand Rapids! I'm close. I'm in Wayland, though my husband and I live in Brisbane, Australia. I'm visiting family for a few months.

I love your mini-moon idea. I am eagerly anticipating reuniting with my husband after these months apart. He has been in Australia while I have been here in Michigan. Now, that is going to be some mini-moon!

I am participating in Marriage Monday too!

I hope you stop by to visit my blog and link up for the HELLO, HANDSOME! Blog Party.

Homemaker Honey
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