Tuesday, February 22, 2011


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Hey Friends! I hope you are having a GREAT week! :)

I'll start with my good news...no snow day today! Hip Hip Hooray!

All of my precious little cherubs are at school and I have some time to pray, plan, and prepare for the Red Hot Retreat....which is in 3 days. Gulp.

The bad news...John is home sick, my throat hurts, and my daughter's lice is back in full force. Ugh.

But you know what, I have a choice!

I will keep my eyes focused Up ~ not on my circumstances, but on the One who holds all my circumstances in His hand!

I picture myself holding a big magnifying glass looking at the details of my day.

Will I focus on the illnesses, the inconveniences, the piles of laundry, the yuckiness of it all?? OR

Will I focus on God's hand in the midst of my "detour"? What He is able to accomplish? What He is able to do?!

I am choosing to point my magnifying glass right up to the Lord God Almighty and asking Him to be HUGE in my life!

Trust me, I haven't always lived this way. For many years, I magnified my problems. I focused on my insecurities and hurts. I exaggerated my weaknesses and mistakes. It was empty and defeated living.

And then I met the Lord Jesus. And I began to see how BIG and POWERFUL and HUGE He is! I experienced His LOVE and His Grace and His Goodness!

And today, and all of the days of my life, I choose to focus on Him, regardless of my circumstances!!

And you know what...I've been blessed today! By the phone calls and the e-mails and the offers to bring a latte (thanks, Chellie!) I've been blessed by the sunshine (thank you, Lord!). And I've been blessed with a day home with my cute husband (even if he is sick). Today is a good day. :)

What about for you, my dear bloggy friend?? What are you focusing on?

Your endless "to-do" lists? The money you don't have? Your husband's flaws? Your fears? Your kid's messes? Your insecurities? Your disappointments and your hurts?

May I encourage you to turn your gaze Upward! Point that "magnifying glass" right towards the sky and ask God to be HUGE in your life! There is nothing that He cannot do!!

Here is the song I am singing aloud today.....

Oh magnify the Lord with me, And Let us exalt His Name together! Psalm 34:3 KJV

Thanks for stopping by *She Sparkles*! Have an amazing, life-giving, joy-filled day!

Sweet blessings ~

P.S. If my lice check later today reveals that I have lice, would you please remind me to not look at my hair but to keep looking up!! Ugh!


Unknown said...

oh, dear. what a time you've had. i'm memorizing some verses with the beth moore team of...memorizers. i chose this one, not because of its brevity, but because of its power: "Be joyful always." 1 Thess. 5:16.

Anonymous said...

Cindy, thank you for this great post. I needed this reminder, and am greatly blessed by it. Also, will be praying for John to recover, you to stay well, and the lice to be gone. Stay strong in Jesus my sweet friend! ~Jenny C.

Allie said...

Cindy, you are an amazing women of God (W.O.G. *haha*)! You have inspired me to dig deeper into the surface of my realationship with our beautiful Savior! You have showed me, that even in the worst of times, we can still lift our eyes to God and ask for a clear path. You know what? This post proves that God can make a huge difference in our lives if we look up to Him.
Today was my Dad's birthday (visit my blog for details)and I just had a lot of fun! I hope your family gets better and that you won't get lice! Thank you for the great reminder, Cindy!
ps: still trying to find a good baby picture of me to show you, most likely I'll post it on my blog... sorry that was pretty random :D (cindy: why is some random girl telling me she wants to show me a random baby picture of her???) *sorry i'm weird* ;D

Kim said...


I went back and re-read this post today (Thursday). I need it. Oh, God used you to speak to me. Thanks!!

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